Sardinian Warrior goes in English

For eight long years, I’ve kept the blog “Sardinian Warrior”. In this blog, started for explaining my reenactment activities, I’ve put a lot of material, regarding Historical Fencing (HEMA), re-enactment, history, archaeology, martial arts, self-defence and so on. I’ve passed the last two years in England, moving from Oxford to Reading, and finally to Bicester, before going back to Italy. In this time I’ve trained with two amazing fencing clubs: The School of the Sword, in Reading, and The Linacre School of Defence, in Oxford. Now that I’m back to my island (Sardinia), I feel the necessity of writing and speaking in the language I’ve used for the last two years. The themes I will write in this blog are related to HEMA, re-enactment, martial arts, archery, archaeology and history, swords, armors and weapons in general. Last but not least of course, also Sardinian Warriors. From the bronze age to the 20th century. There is so much to say, that is literally unknown from the non-Italian speaking people, that I feel the urgency of writing this blog. Did you ever hear of the bronze age Sardinian “Nuragics”, possibly linked to the “Sherdens”, Ramses Royal Guards? Did you ever hear about the war between Carthaginians and nuragics for the conquest of the island? And that the II Punic War started because the Romans stole the Island from the Carthaginians? Did you ever hear about the conquest of the island by the Vandals? Or when the Byzantines kicked out the Vandals from the Island? Did you ever hear about the first 4 Sardinian medieval “kingdoms”? And the code of laws more efficient than the Magna Carta? This and more themes will be explained in this blog. I hope you will like it.



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